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Addressing Vendor Lock-In

At CrabNebula, we prioritize addressing this concern and remain transparent with our customers about off-boarding strategies. We recommend considering these strategies as they may provide valuable options, regardless of your Cloud usage.

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather some suggestions to help you find the best solution:

  • (Full control with minimal effort) Set up a redirect from your own domain to the public updater JSON served by Cloud. Ensure that your updater system follows redirects (the Tauri and Packager updater system follows HTTP redirects (301 response status code).
  • (Some control with minimal effort) Each release dictates the source of the next update, allowing you to put out a new version pointing to the new update location.
  • (A backup strategy with considerable effort) Build a notification system in-app. This system can publish announcements to your users, providing a link to re-download the new app version. While less about vendor lock-in, it serves as a backup plan for any significant issues!