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Log plugins

If you’re running CrabNebula DevTools next to another tracing/log plugin or crate, DevTools will prevent any other logger from being initialized.

Terminal window
thread 'main' panicked at src/
error while running tauri application: PluginInitialization("log", "attempted to set a logger after the logging system was already initialized")
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace

We recommend using only CrabNebula DevTools in development mode, and any other tracing/tracking crates in production.

fn run() {
let mut builder = tauri::Builder::default();
let devtools = tauri_plugin_devtools::init();
builder = builder.plugin(devtools);
use tauri_plugin_log::{Builder, Target, TargetKind};
let log_plugin = Builder::default()
Target::new(TargetKind::LogDir { file_name: None }),
builder = builder.plugin(log_plugin);
.expect("error while running tauri application");
fn greet(name: &str) -> String {
format!("Hello, {}! You've been greeted from Rust!", name)