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Create a Release Draft

The first step in creating a new release for your app is to create a draft. You will need the Application’s slug from the Cloud Platform (this can be found on the Application’s details page) as well as the version number for this draft.

Create a draft by running the following command:

Terminal window
cn release draft {application-slug} {version-number}

You can also add notes to a release by including the --notes flag when running cn release draft. Alternatively, a file containing the notes can be specified with the --notes-file flag.

Note that the version number can be any string that represents the version of the application so that any versioning scheme is supported.

For example, if wanting to create the 1.0.0 release for an application with the slug crabnebula-devtools you would run the following command:

Terminal window
cn release draft crabnebula-devtools "1.0.0"

You will now see a new draft in the Cloud Platform for the specified application. Take note of the id value output from the cn release draft command as it will be needed when uploading assets in the next step.

Release Channels

Release channels are a mechanism that allows you to deploy assets to different environments such as beta releases or QA builds. To draft a release on a specific channel, use the --channel <channel-name> CLI argument.

Delete a Release Draft

If you need to delete a release draft, you can do so from the Cloud Platform. Go to the applications page and find the unpublished draft. Click on the “View” button on the right and then select “Delete draft” from the Danger Zone. Note that this cannot be undone.

Next, upload assets for the release.