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Publish a Release

The final step to getting an update to users is to publish the release. Be sure to first create a draft then upload assets for a release before continuing.

There are two ways to publish a release:

Publishing with the Cloud Platform

After the assets have been uploaded, a version can be published by visiting the respective “Release” page on the CrabNebula Cloud Platform. Clicking the “Publish draft” button in the upper-right corner will make the release available to users.

Publishing with the CLI

In order to publish a release with the CLI you will need:

  • Application slug
  • Release ID (output after creating a new draft with the CLI)

To publish a release run the following command:

Terminal window
cn release publish {application-slug} {release-id}

To publish the example of crabnebula-devtools with release ID 01HKA6TGC281V51NGSRJNTJQAF the following command would be used:

Terminal window
cn release publish "crabnebula-devtools" "01HKA6TGC281V51NGSRJNTJQAF"