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Member Management

Organizations allow you to collaborate with others on your applications. In order to achieve this you can invite anyone to become a member of your organization via email.

There are two types of roles with different permissions:

  • Member
    • Ability to edit applications (includes deleting them and changing their visibility)
    • Ability to create new applications within the organization
  • Admin
    • Includes all of the permissions of a member
    • Ability to modify the organization’s members, settings, and billing

After you created an organization, go to the Members section in the sidebar. You will see all the current members including their roles as well as the pending member invitations below.

Click the Invite new member button at the top right and enter the email address and choose the role of the person you want to invite. After confirming, the user will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation.

If the user does not have a CrabNebula Cloud account yet, they will be prompted to sign up with GitHub before accepting the invitation.

Modifying Members

If you are an admin of the organization, you can modify its members. This includes changing their role and removing them from the organization.

To achieve this, go to the Members section in the sidebar. At the top you will see a list of all the current members followed by pending member invitations. Here you can change the role of a member or remove them from the organization at any time.

DevTools Access

DevTools Premium is an enhanced version of DevTools. Each member of your organization can be granted access to DevTools Premium individually. The standard Cloud plan includes access for a fixed number of members. If you need more members to have access to DevTools Premium, you can purchase additional seats.

Next to each member in the list, you will see a checkbox to grant them access to DevTools Premium. After checking the box, members will be able to sign in to DevTools Premium with their CrabNebula Cloud account.